Spotify Password Requirements

The Requirement for a Spotify password is – There should be at least 8 characters and it should include at least 1 number and 1 special character.

What is a password on Spotify?

When you create or reset your Account on Spotify through your email address, you are asked to enter the password to keep your account secure.

By the way, you get many options for creating a password account using a Google account, Facebook account, and mobile number.

So, if you choose any one of these options then you don`t need to enter a password.

But if you choose the ‘Sign up free‘ option then you are asked by Spotify to enter your email address and then password.

Requirement for Spotify Password

The Criteria for creating your password on Spotify is that your password should be of a minimum of 8 characters including at least 1 special character, 1 number.

screenshot for spotify password rules or requirement

If you don`t have a special character and number in your 8-character password then the password will be not created and you will not be able to proceed further.

According to Spotify, To keep your account secure, you should create a strong password that should be a mix of uppercase characters, lowercase characters, special characters, and numerals.

For example:- SPOT@ify#123 , here password is 12 characters and a combination of Capital letters, small letters, Numbers and Special characters which matches the Requirement for a Spotify password.

So, follow these Rules to successfully set your password for your Spotify account.

How to create a Spotify Account with Spotify password?

Have you still not created your Spotify account yet? If not then don`t worry.

I will help you to create an account on Spotify.

Follow the following steps to create a Spotify account using a strong password:

  • Install the Spotify app on your device.
  • Tap the option of Sign up for free.
  • Enter your email address.
  • Then, click on Next.
  • Enter a strong password of at least 8 characters.
  • Again, click on Next.
  • Choose your date of birth from the calendar.
  • Select your gender.
  • Then, choose your profile name.
  • Check the consent box to allow Spotify to use your data.
  • Finally, tap on Create account.

How to change or Reset Spotify Password?

If you feel an urgent need to change or reset your Spotify password and you are looking for the process to follow for it.

Then, Go through the following steps to change or reset your Spotify password as i have told the step by step process using screenshot:

screenshot for entering email address or username
  • Click on Send.
screenshot for the option of sending for password reset
  • An email will be sent to you with your Spotify username and link to access the account.
screenshot for the password reset
  • Click on the link to change or reset the Spotify Password.
screenshot for tapping link of reset spotify password
  • Enter a new password.
screenshot for entering password
  • Repeat the same password.
  • Finally, click on send.
screenshot for password reset

How to reset a family member (premium) password?

If you need to reset a family member’s (premium) password by yourself then you can`t change it even though you are the primary subscriber of Spotify Premium.

Only your family member can change his/her password with the help of his/her email address.

Go through the following steps to know how he/she can reset the Spotify password:

  • Ask him or her to go to the link of Password Reset.
  • Then, tell him/her to enter the email address.
screenshot for entering email address or username
  • In his/her email address, Spotify will send a notification with his/her account’s link.
  • Open that link.
screenshot for tapping link of reset spotify password
  • Then, he/she has to type a new password.
screenshot for entering password
  • Then, ask him/her to confirm the same password.
  • Finally, ask him/her to click on Send.
screenshot for password reset


1. Can you log into Spotify without password?

Yes, you can log into Spotify without a password. You can choose phone number, Google account, and Facebook account options.

2. What is my Spotify ID and password?

Your Spotify ID is the username that you choose when you create your account on Spotify and the passwords that you created.

3. Can I change Spotify password on app?

Currently, It is not possible to change Spotify’s password on the app. You will need to go to the Spotify Password Reset page on the browser.

4. How to change Spotify password if forgotten?

You will need to visit this link to Reset your forgotten Password on Spotify.

5. Do Spotify family accounts have the same password?

No, it is not necessary that family accounts should have the same password. It is your choice which password you want to choose for your Spotify account.

6. How do I find my Spotify family password?

Each one of your Spotify family account members has a unique password. No one shares the same password. So, you can use or change your password only, not of anyone else.

7. Why am i getting Spotify password too short error?

You are getting the error of “Spotify password too short” because the password length of the minimum character does not match. it should be at least 8 characters then this error will not appear.

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