Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Growmysound, Below we have mentioned the terms and conditions which you would need to agree to use our website and services.

By accessing our website or using service, you agree to follow our terms and conditions.If you don`t agree with any things from our terms then you may not use our website.


Growmysound provides various services aiming to assist artist who creates Music and podcasters on spotify in growing their Followers and listeners.

Mainly for this, we provide services such as Consultancy, Strategy Development, Sound Quality improvement, Album creation for music, Advertising music, Music placement on various playlist.

These services include but are not limited to it.

User Content

By submitting any content including but not limited to your spotify profile links, Username, Music, Podcasts, Images to us, you grant us to modify, non-exclusive, adapt, and to distribute it with our teams to review or inspect it.


We have made Growmysound agency to solve the artist problem to inrease the reach of their content to massive audience.

Our entire team try our best to help you in your artist journey but if you are interested or not focused on your work then obviously there will be no growth as our work is not for music production.


If you are a artist or podcaster who is strongly focus on their music creation work then only we will regsiter you for providing services.

If you are not interested on your music creation or singing and thinking that by joining growmysound, you will achieve massive followers and listeners, then its not possible.

Payment and Refund Policy

if you have made payment to us for using our services but due to any reason, if you don`t like then you must inform us within the 7 days or a week from the payment date.

We will refund your money under 24 hours as we receive email for cancellation your subscription.

Limitation of Liability

It is important to note that we do not gurantee any specific outcomes or result which means we don`t promise with you that we will increase your followers and listeners to particular number.

The effectiveness of our service may vary from artist to artist depending on individuals goals, efforts and niche.


We reserve the rights to modify these terms and conditions at any time without any prior notice, so make sure to check it each time you use our services.

Any changes will be applied immediately.


Everything on our website including the information, images, any data, etc. belongs to us, so that means you can`t copy or use it without our permission.


You agree to follow the rules and not to do anything harmful or illegal with others while using our website.

If you do such things, you will have to pay for the issues of which you are cause.