About us

We at Growmysound, provide various services for growing your music followers and listeners on Spotify as well as our Helpful content related to Spotify.

Our teams have experience of the last 9 years working with Spotify as creators and consumers.

So, our expert team helps you by providing various services to grow your artist career on Spotify as well and some techies also provide solutions in the form of content on our website.

Currently, We have a team of 15 People in our Growmysound company most of them work in providing service to clients for Spotify growth.

our team of growmysound
Our expert’s team

So, 2 expert people used to write content on growmysound.com related to Spotify such as about the features of Spotify, How-to types of content, if there`s any issue then how Spotify users can fix it.

About Author

You must be aware of the information that you are consuming on our website, who have written it and about their background and experiences.

Currently, 2 of our expert team, Emily Johnson and Sophia Brown are the authors of the blog post.

About Emily Johnson:

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Emily Johnson photo

Emily Johnson is a talented audio engineer and podcast producer. She has been using Spotify for the last 7 years as a creator and listener.

She has uploaded 200+ music on spotify and have reached to massive listeners. By passion, she is a techie as too very interested in fixing any problem and using the latest features.

She always experiences and tests before writing anything on the website.

About Sophia Brown:

Sophia Brown

Sophia is a music enthusiast with over 10 year of experience in artist and management and marketing.

She has solid knowledge and experience by which she understands how one can succeed in the music industry today.

She has collaborated with artists from diverse backgrounds.

Her expertise is in fixing any technical issues and growing someone spotify profile.