5 Awesome Spotify Easter Eggs (2024)

Star wars, Stranger things, Nyan cat, Pride easter eggs and winter easter eggs are the most popular spotify easter eggs in 2024 by using it, you can enjoy.

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Top 5 Spotify easter eggs

Use your Spotify with more fun and love by knowing about the top 5 Spotify easter eggs:

1. Star Wars Easter Egg

If you have not tried Star Wars easter egg till now, you should play it on Spotify without any delay. This is the only easter egg that has been in motion on the Spotify app.

The Star Wars playlist is a blockbuster. When you play it, you view three types of lightsabers. Earlier, there were more than three, now,

Spotify has reduced them to three. Earlier, you could type THX1138 and enjoy the lightsabers. But, now, Spotify has removed them all.

How to get the Spotify Lightsaber – Star wars?

Follow the following method to get the Spotify lightsaber:

  • Open your Spotify app.
for screenshot to open your spotify
  • Search for the Star Wars playlist in the search bar.
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  • Open the Star Wars playlist by tapping on it.
for screenshot to open the star war playlist
  • Tune any one song of the Star Wars.
for screenshot to tune any song of the war
  • Hover your mouse over the progress bar.
for screenshot to show the lightbar option on the taskbar
  • You will get a lightsaber.

2. Stranger Things Easter eggs

When the second season of Stranger Things became a blockbuster on Netflix, Spotify thought to do something different on the playlist of the web series.

Its fans were surprised when they saw a flashlight for a few seconds while playing Stranger Things easter eggs and discovered a great change.

Since this change was noticed by Spotify lovers for the first time, they started to talk about it a lot. In this way, the Stranger Things soundtrack became a historical one.

How to Activate stranger things easter eggs on spotify?

Follow the steps given below to activate Stranger Things Easter Eggs on Spotify:

  • Launch your Spotify app.
for screenshot to open your spotify
  • Search for the Stranger Things in the search bar.
for screenshot to search stranger thing playlist
  • Then, go to the playlist of Stranger Songs.
  • Select any one song of the playlist.
for screenshot to play one song to the stranger thing playlist
  • You will view an Easter egg in the form of a flashlight for a little time only.
for screenshot to Easter egg in the form of a flashlight

3. Nyan Cat Easter Egg

In the year 2011, Spotify introduced the Nyan Cat easter egg.

This was a cat-themed easter egg that remained active only for a short time. Spotify lovers can view a cat-themed progress bar when they played Nyan Cat.

4. Pride Easter Egg

In the Pride month of 2018, Spotify launched the next easter egg known as the Pride Easter Egg.

The idea behind launching it was great as Spotify wanted to honour the LGBTQ community at that time. This was active in many countries.

During Pride month, the volume slider colour was changed into a rainbow when the level of volume was high.

So many slogans like ‘Loud and Proud’ and ‘Never Turn It Down Again’ popped up on the screen in mid of the played soundtracks on Spotify.

5. Winter Easter Egg

During the month of Christmas month in the year 2019, Winter Christmas Easter Egg was introduced.

The progress bar was changed into a candy bar and the snowfall was also seen there.

Nobody knew when this easter egg came and when it disappeared because only one Spotify user could access it at that time.

Benefits of Spotify Easter eggs

There are many benefits of Spotify easter eggs. Some of them are listed below:

  • You get something new to do on Spotify. This increases your love for Spotify.
  • Spotify easter egg is just like a surprise that you have never expected. This can make your mood happier than before.
  • Sometimes Spotify sends a message in the form of an easter egg. Just like it did with the Pride easter egg. You can share it with your friends and spread such messages.
  • Spotify easter egg is free for all. You can enjoy it without buying a premium plan.


How do you activate the lightsaber Easter egg on Spotify?

You can activate the lightsaber easter egg on Spotify by searching for star wars in the search bar and then play the star wars songs on the desktop.

Are there any Easter eggs on Spotify?

Spotify easter eggs come according to the trend. Therefore, they go permanently. Only Star Wars easter egg is present this time on Spotify. Nobody knows when it will go like others.

How do I permanently get my lightsaber on Spotify?

There is no way to get a lightsaber on Spotify permanently as the lightsaber is not a feature of the Spotify app. It becomes visible due to the blockbuster Star Wars.

does the stranger things spotify easter egg still work?

No, Spotify Stranger Things easter egg doesn’t work. You can’t see the flashlight scene on the screen when you play any one of the songs from its playlist.

What to search on Spotify for lightsaber?

You have to search star wars song on Spotify for a lightsaber. This enables you to get a lightsaber not permanently, but only for a time being. After some time, it goes away itself.

How to enable spotify easter eggs?

There are different types of ways for enabling different types of easter eggs on Spotify. You can’t use the method of activating one Spotify easter egg for another easter egg. Presently, only Star Wars Spotify Easter Egg is in progress.

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