How to Redeem your Spotify Gift Card?

You can redeem your Spotify gift cards easily. Check out the following pointers to redeem Spotify gift cards:

  • Head over to the link to redeem the Spotify gift card.
  • Scratch off the PIN cover with a coin or card to get the Spotify gift card code.
  • Then, enter your Premium Code or Spotify gift card code given on the back of your gift card.
Enter gift code
  • Then, choose the state from the drop-down menu bar.
choose state to redeem card
  • Click on the checkmark to confirm that you are not a robot.
checkmark redeem code
  • Then, click on the option of Continue.

How can you use this Spotify gift card?

You can use your Spotify gift card to redeem on a Premium plan to avail of the benefits of discounts at any time.

The full value of your gift card or eGift card will be used to purchase a number of monthly subscriptions to your Premium Plan. But you can’t redeem your Spotify gift card on all kinds of Premium Plans.

This gift card is applicable to the Spotify Premium Individual Plan. Furthermore, you can use it to upgrade your Spotify free plan. But, you can’t get discounts by redeeming it on other types of Premium Plans like Premium Student, Premium Family, Premium Duo, or other trial offers.

One most important things regarding the use of a Spotify gift card is that you can only stack 18 months of Premium time on your Spotify account.

How to use a Spotify gift card from another country?

If your friend is sending you a Spotify gift card or eGift card from another region or country, you should say no to this.

Spotify gift cards are strictly region-locked. From where these cards are purchased, the user should redeem that card in only that country.

You can’t redeem the card in any other country or region.

Why won’t my spotify gift card redeem?

  • Maybe you have entered the wrong gift code to redeem your gift card. Sometimes the user misunderstands O as 0 (zero) and I as 1 (one). Your input of the wrong alphabet or numeric will stop the procedure of redeeming the Spotify gift card.
  • If you have tried to redeem your Spotify gift card 4 times, you won’t be able to redeem it on the same day.

How to fix the problem of being unable to Redeem spotify gift cards?

  • Double-check the Spotify gift card code when you enter it before initiating the procedure of redeeming the Spotify gift cards.
  • If your redeeming procedure is locked because you have completed your 4 attempts, you will be able to redeem your Spotify card after 24 hours.


1. Can you redeem a Spotify gift card from phone?

Yes, you can redeem a Spotify gift card from your phone.

2. How to redeem Spotify Premium code from Flipkart?

You should go to the link of on your phone’s or computer’s web browser. Then, enter the code of the Flipkart Premium code to redeem it on your Premium Plan subscription.

3. Can I get refund on Spotify gift card?

No, you can’t get a refund on a Spotify gift card.

4. How many times can you redeem a Spotify gift card?

You can only stack 18 months of Premium time on your Spotify gift card from your first date of redeeming the Spotify card. You can redeem only one Spotify gift card at one time.

5. How long does it take for a Spotify gift card to expire?

Spotify gift cards are only valid for 12 months from the date of their purchase. After this, they expire and can’t be redeemed for your Spotify Premium Plan.

6. Do you need to activate the Spotify gift card?

Yes, you need to activate your Spotify gift card before you redeem it. If you have purchased it from the retail store, it will be activated by the cashier.

7. Are Spotify gift cards worth it?

Yes, Spotify gift cards are worth it if you want to gift them or want to subscribe to a 12-month subscription because you will get a 12-month Premium subscription at the cost of only a 10-month Spotify Premium plan.

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