How many minutes have i listened to Spotify? Spotify stats Minutes

By visiting to spotify account data, Using 3rd party application, and through spotify wrapped, You can easily check the amount of time you have spent on listening to spotify..

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How to know Spotify stats Minutes?

Spotify doesn’t allow frequent tracking of listening time. But it releases annual results. In those annual results, the whole analysis of the listeners’ activities on Spotify is given.

Check out the details given below for knowing how many minutes have you listened to spotify:

Using Official Spotify Account data

Spotify has made it very easy for everyone to gather data from Spotify. You can also access your data by using the Spotify Download Your Data Tool. Let’s see here how to do it:

spotify dashboard
  • You’ll see here three types of data packages.
three tabs of spotify dashboard 1
third tab of spotify dashboard
  • Choose either one or all three packages.
  • Then, press the option of Request data.
request data spotify dashboard

Note: It can take up to 30 days. You will get the downloaded data via email.

Using Spotify Wrapped

Spotify Wrapped is an annual report that Spotify releases every year in the month of December. The fans of Spotify eagerly wait for it to visualize their listening activities from January 1st to November 1st.

here, you can view your average listening time on Spotify. For this, you have to go to to know your one-year listening habits on Spotify when spotify wrapped will be released by Spotify in the month of December.

Using third Party platform know Spotify listening time

There are a few third-party apps that can help you keep a regular eye on your listening time on Spotify. You can download them and access their exclusive feature of showing you the Spotify app. Let’s read here:

Last. FM

Last.FM is one of the best third-party apps to access your listening time on Spotify. This desktop app will run in the background to track your listening time on Spotify. Go through the following steps to track your listening activities on Last.FM:
  • Navigate to Sign up.
sign up last .fm 2
  • Enter your username and email.
  • Enter your password and confirm the password.
  • Click on the checkbox to confirm that you’re not a robot.
checkmark on 1
  • Sign up for your account.
sign up

Spotify Stats

Spotify Stats is another third-party app that updates your Spotify data every day. This generates a visual report that can help you analyze your listening habits on Spotify. You can view your daily charts and compare them with yesterday’s charts. On the basis of your listening habits, go through the following steps:

screenshot of stats for spotify
  • Click on Login with Spotify.
log in spotify for stats
  • Then, explore your listening track on Spotify.


Obscurify is linked with Spotify because it uses Spotify’s Web API. This helps to track your listening history, top genres, and the recommended songs as per your like songs list. Now, let’s see here how you can use Obscurify to access Spotify data:

  • Go to the website of Obscurify.
screenshot of obscurify
  • Log in with your Spotify account.
log in obscurify 1
  • Read the terms and conditions of Obscurify.
  • Click on the option of Agree.
click on agree
  • View your Spotify stats.
stats of obscurify


It is very easy to analyze your Spotify profile now with Chosic. Its personal Spotify listening stats tool gathers data from your Spotify account and shows you a graphic presentation of the Spotify stats. So, let’s see here how you can start on Chosic:

screenshot of chosic. com
  • Login with your Spotify account.
login with
  • Select the time period.
select the time period
  • Analyze your Spotify profile.

Are you hunting for any platform that can not only show your Spotify stats including listening minutes but can also show your taste on Spotify with your friends? If yes, you should use Volt. fm for this purpose. Let’s see here how you can get started on

screenshot of
  • Sign in with Spotify
sign in with
  • Then, read the terms and conditions.
  • Press the option of Agree.
agree 2
  • View your Spotify stats.
screenshot of spotify stats on

Zodiac affinity

Zodiac Affinity is also powered by Spotify API and helps to detect listening minutes on Spotify along with other details. Check the following pointers here:


Another third-party website that can be helpful to you when you want to gain insights into your Spotify account is This will help you view the Spotify dashboard. So, let’s go through the following pointers:

screenshot of
  • Sign in with Spotify.
login with music 1
  • Get the complete Spotify insight and dashboard.


1. Why do I need to know listening minutes on Spotify?

You need to know the listening minutes on Spotify to know how much time you are giving to your favorite music and podcasts on Spotify. It will be interesting to know the listening minutes on Spotify.

2. How to view the in-built Spotify stats?

You can view the in-built Spotify stats annually in the Spotify Wrapped. But if you want to download the data, you can request it. The data will be processed within 30 days.

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