Why am I getting ads on Spotify Premium podcast?

  • Premium Plan Subscription Expired
  • Spotify App on Multiple Device
  • Using Ad-blockers on Spotify
  • Technical glitches
  • Regional InterferencePromotional
  • Content Family Plan

These are the reasons due to which you are getting ads even if you have purchased Spotify premium.

I purchased a premium subscription to the Spotify App but was disappointed when my favourite music session was interrupted by ads.

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I searched for why am I getting ads on Spotify Premium- podcast. Then, I got some result-oriented solutions to get rid of this problem.

does Spotify Premium have ads?

No, Spotify Premium does not have ads. I also purchased an annual premium subscription to Spotify because whenever I was playing my favorite song of my favorite artist,

the useless ads spoiled the mood of listening to music. After purchasing the plan, I got rid of this problem. But some days ago, my playlists were interrupted by unexpected breaks.

Why are you getting ads on Spotify Premium?

I found those reasons that do not let Spotify users enjoy high-quality music and other exclusive features without ad breaks. Check out the reasons given below:

Premium Plan Subscription Expired

It may be possible that the premium plan that you have purchased for enjoying add free playback and high audio quality has expired.

Therefore, you are experiencing ads during your playlists. Confirm the expiry date of your premium plan subscription.

Spotify App on Multiple Device

Check whether you have been playing your Spotify App on multiple devices. If yes, then, you will get failed in taking complete advantage of the premium subscription on multiple devices.

Using Ad-blockers on Spotify

See whether you have enabled the ad blockers on your Spotify app or not. If you have enabled the ad blockers, you will face this technical issue of ads interference despite purchasing the premium subscription.

Technical glitches

It may be possible that your Spotify premium account is facing technical glitches. You can’t do anything with them. Hence, be patient until the team of Spotify resolves the server glitches.

Regional Interference

The advertising policies are impacted by the regional guidelines. Check your region’s guidelines for ads.

It may be possible that some types of ads should be shown during the programs. Therefore, your Spotify app has been streaming them despite you having premium plan.

Promotional Content

It may be possible that you are getting the ads of promotional content of the Spotify app. Sometimes the Spotify app promotes its products, services, and new offers.

These contents are aired during the playlists. You can disable them by going to the app settings.

Family Plan

It may be possible that the owner of the premium family plan/duo plan has removed you from the list.

Furthermore, if the owner of the family plan includes more members in the premium plan, this can happen.

Why am I getting ads on Spotify Premium on podcasts?

I am getting ads on Spotify Premium on podcasts because some podcast creators may have collaborated with any third-party advertising or sponsorship messages.

If any sponsorship audio clip is between the recording of the podcast, Spotify Premium can’t do anything with that.

How can you stop getting ads on Spotify Premium?

Getting ads unexpectedly when your favourite music is streaming over the app is a headache when you have bought a premium plan.

Check out the following ways and enjoy non-stop music over the Spotify app:

Fast Forward Feature

Are you aware of the fast-forward feature on the Spotify app? If not, then, I will tell you to use it to rid of the problem of ads.

You can bypass the ads by using this feature manually. You will skip the ads and come back to your playlist again.

Follow the steps that are given below to use this feature:

  • Open your Spotify app.
  • Play the podcast on it.
for screenshot to play podcast on spotify
  • Slide the progress bar forward to skip ads.
for screenshot to skip the podcast in progress bar

Skip Ads Feature

Some podcasts on the Spotify app offer the skip ads feature to the listeners. You can skip the ads by pressing one button. Follow the following ways to block the ads on Spotify.

  • Whenever the skip ads option appears on Spotify podcasts then you can press it to skip the ads of the podcast.

Customise Your Playlist

Explore which podcasts have minimal ads or no ads. This is a smart idea to follow. Hence, curate a playlist of such podcasts.

You will get a customised playlist to listen to at any time. Enjoy your app without any ad breaks.

Log Out of Other Devices

You should log out of multiple devices to log in again. You can’t log out of all devices simultaneously. Therefore, log out from each device.

When you log in to your account again, your device will be synced with your account. Follow the following way to log out of the account:

  • Launch your Spotify Premium app.
  • Go to the app settings.
for screenshot to tap on the gear icon on spotify
  • Scroll down the screen.
scroll down
  • Tap on the log out.
for screenshot to log out your spotify

Download the Playlist/Podcast

You should download the playlist/podcast offline. In this way, you will be able to enjoy the Spotify app without any breaks.

The downloaded podcasts or playlists never show any breaks. They can be accessed offline as well.

Purchase the Premium Plan

spotify premium plans screenshots

You should purchase the premium plan if your plan is expired. You can do it anytime. You will get various monthly premium plans including Duo plan, family plan, and student plan.

You can cancel your chosen monthly premium plan at any time.


Does Spotify have ads?

Yes, Spotify has ads to promote different kinds of brands. You can buy the premium plan on the Spotify app to get rid of ads.

Is Spotify Premium ad-free?

Yes, Spotify Premium is ad-free. You can get the advantage of non-stop music and high-quality audio with exclusive features on the Spotify app.

Can you Skip ads on Spotify Podcast?

Yes, you can skip ads on Spotify Podcast by purchasing the premium plan of the Spotify app. You will enjoy unlimited and break-free songs.

Why does Spotify still give advertisements for Premium accounts?

No, Spotify doesn’t give advertisements for Premium accounts. But some errors such as premium plan expiry, device syncing, technical glitches, regional inference, and ad blockers can pose problems.

Do we get ads on Spotify podcasts/music by podcasters/artists creators or by Spotify?

Yes, we get ads on Spotify podcasts/ music by podcasters/ artists creators or by Spotify to promote their content. This gives them an exclusive platform for selling content.

Can you listen to Podcast ads free on Spotify premium?

Yes, you can listen to Podcast ads free on Spotify Premium. You have to pay minimal charges for buying the premium subscription.

Emily Johnson is a talented audio engineer and podcast producer. She has been using Spotify for the last 7 years as a creator and listener.

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