How to Speed up Songs on Spotify?

Whether you are a free user or a premium plan subscriber, you can use the built-in feature of Spotify to increase the speed of a song on your Spotify.

Steps to speed up Podcasts/song on Spotify on phone

Go through the following steps and speed up Spotify podcasts or audio on Android or iOS:

  • Launch your Spotify app on Android or iOS devices.
  • Tap on the search icon given at the bottom of the screen.
for screenshot to Hit the option of Search.
  • Touch the search bar.
for screenshot to Enter the name of the artist in the search bar.
  • Enter your podcast name in the search bar to search for it.
  • Select the podcast that you’d like to listen to from the list.
select the podcast
  • Play the podcast to listen to.
play the podcast
  • Tap on the bottom to expand the podcast.
expand the podcast
  • Tap on the speed slider (1x) to adjust the speed according to your preferences.
speed slider on podcast
  • Finally, select your preferred speed to speed up the podcast.
speed up


1. how do you fast forward audio?

Just play the audio that you want to fast forward to listen to on Spotify. Then, tap on the speed slider and multiply the speed of the audio to listen to.

2. How do I change the transition speed on Spotify?

For this, go to settings then crossfade in the playback option. Now, you can choose the transition speed on Spotify.

3. How do I play Spotify at 2x speed?

On the screen, you will view the speed slider. Just tap on it and play Spotify at 2x speed.

4. Is 1x normal speed on Spotify?

Yes, 1x is a normal speed on Spotify. When Spotify releases any audio on Spotify, it launches it at the speed of 1x. If you find Spotify podcasts slow at the speed of 1x, you can speed it up by tapping on 1x.

Emily Johnson is a talented audio engineer and podcast producer. She has been using Spotify for the last 7 years as a creator and listener.

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