Why does Spotify Play the Same songs?

Solution:- You would need to Turn off Automix, keep your playlist updated, and diversify listening track.

To know why Spotify plays the same songs over and over, it is essential to know about the shuffle feature of the Spotify app.

When the Spotify app plays the tracks with the enabled shuffle feature, it plays the tracks on the basis of Spotify algorithms.

Instead of playing random songs on Spotify, the Spotify algorithm analyzes your past listening songs, your recently played tracks, and playlists, and then, Spotify plays the play tracks for you.

Since you play the same kind of songs back to back, therefore, the Spotify app also plays the same songs back-to-back when the shuffle feature is turned on.

So, you should take care of one this thing when you play the Spotify app, you should not play the same songs frequently.

Otherwise, the Spotify algorithm will play only your most frequently played song on Spotify when the shuffle feature is enabled.

How to stop Spotify from playing the same songs?

You can’t change the way of the Spotify app. It will play the songs as it has been playing. You can’t tweak it.

However, there are certain solutions that you can implement to stop Spotify from playing the same songs to a larger extent:

1. Turn off Automix feature

If you are tired of listening to the same songs on Spotify even after turning on the shuffle feature, you should turn off the Automix feature.

Only a few users know about the Automix feature’s disadvantages. Its major disadvantage is that if the Automix feature is turned on, you won’t be able to get the benefits of the shuffle feature.

The shuffle feature will not play random songs for you because the Automix feature focuses on playing similar songs. It bars the random songs on Spotify.

So, go through the following steps to turn off the Automix feature on Spotify:

  • Launch your Spotify app on Android or iOS.
  • Go to the gear icon of Settings at the top right corner.
Open Spotify Settings.
  • Scroll down the screen to the option of the Playback section.
for screenshot to navigate the playback option
  • Search for the option of Automix.
  • Toggle the Automix feature to enable it.

2. Diversified listening tracks

If you want the Spotify algorithm should not receive the wrong information about your listened play tracks.

You should listen to the diversified songs on Spotify. For this, you should add songs of different genres and different artists to your playlist.

In this way, the Spotify algorithm won’t be able to detect any pattern in your listening history.

You will not encounter any issues with repetitive songs on Spotify. You will be able to explore new music albums and new songs in random songs on Spotify.

3. Keep playlist updated

You should keep your playlist updated from time to time. In this way, you won’t let Spotify algorithms detect any specific pattern of listening to repetitive songs on Spotify. Regular updating of your Spotify playlist will make your curated playlist diversified.

Eventually, when you turn on the shuffle feature on Spotify, the Spotify algorithms will play the songs based on your diversified music history.


1. Why does Spotify keep playing the same songs on shuffle?

Spotify keeps playing the same song on shuffle if the feature of Automix is enabled on Spotify. This feature is used to play similar songs on Spotify even when the shuffle is on.

2. How do I get my Spotify to play new songs?

You can get your Spotify to play new songs by turning off the feature of Automix and by turning on the feature of Shuffle.

3. Why is Spotify playing the same two songs?

If you have removed some songs from the queue when the shuffling feature is enabled for your liked songs playlist, then, the two last songs of the queue will duplicate and repeat many times.

4. Why won’t my Spotify play new music?

Spotify won’t play new music because you have been playing your curated playlist in offline mode.

5. Why can’t I skip songs on Spotify?

You can’t skip songs on Spotify because you have been using the free Spotify plan. To unlock features like skipping songs on Spotify, you should upgrade your Spotify to premium plan.

Emily Johnson is a talented audio engineer and podcast producer. She has been using Spotify for the last 7 years as a creator and listener.

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