How to Turn off Enhanced on Spotify?

The Enhanced feature add the new recommended songs to your playlist on Spotify.

Spotify recommends these songs as per your past listening experience on Spotify. These songs are related to your most-played soundtracks, genres, and artists.

In case, you don’t like that Spotify should suggest or add any new songs to your playlist, you can get rid of the problem instantly.

You just need to turn off the Enhanced feature on Spotify and all the recommended songs will be removed from your playlist.

In this way, you will stop Spotify from either adding or recommending songs for you.

How to turn off enhanced on Spotify using Phone

Check the following pointers to know how to turn off the enhanced on the Spotify app:

  • Launch the Spotify app on Android or iPhone.
  • Navigate to the option of Your Library located at the bottom of the home page.
for screenshot to open your library
  • Scroll down the screen to select the playlist.
for screenshot to choose any playlist
  • Tap on the selected playlist to open it.
select the playlist
  • Then, tap on the option of Enhanced to turn off the feature.
enhance feature

How to turn off enhanced on Spotify Desktop

Go through the following pointers to disable this feature through desktop:

  • Log in to your Spotify account with login credentials.
  • Head over to the playlist.
select playlist on spotify desktop
  • Click on the Enhanced underneath Spotify playlist title.
enhance feature
  • The enhanced will be disabled instantly.


1. Why does Spotify automatically enhance my liked songs?

If the feature of enhanced is enabled on Spotify, it means that you will allow Spotify to add songs to your playlist on the basis of your liked songs history and past music listening experience on Spotify. In this case, one recommended song is added to your playlist after every two tracks.

2. What is Spotify enhance button?

Spotify enhance button works through your listening history on Spotify. If the feature of enhanced is turned on Spotify, you will find that Spotify has added one recommended song to your created playlist just after every two tracks.

3. What is the difference between smart shuffle and enhance on Spotify?

The Smart shuffle not only contains the recommended songs but also keeps the listening sessions evergreen. Furthermore, the smart shuffle works on your created playlist along with liked songs whereas the enhanced feature only works for the created playlist.

4. Do you need Spotify Premium to enhance?

No, you don’t need Spotify Premium to enhance. The Enhance feature is only available for the free plan users of Spotify globally. But for the Spotify Premium plan subscribers, this feature has been removed and replaced with Smart Shuffle.

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