Why is spotify playing random songs?

The Spotify could be playing random song due to Auto-play Turned on, Auto-Shuffle Enabled, or Glitch issue on spotify app.

Reasons of playing random songs on Spotify

Auto play Feature is Enabled

Autoplay feature is enabled on Spotify.

Spotify has the “Auto play” feature that enables it’s users to keep playing songs after their selection of songs.

This means that if you play a certain song or playlist, once it has been completely heard, you can listen to similar music tracks continuing from the last selected song.

This saves time as Spotify uses its algorithm to play similar kinds of tracks and you don’t have to search for songs then.

Auto Shuffle is Enabled

Auto Shuffle is enabled.

There is an Auto Shuffle option for when you want to listen to songs randomly from your own playlist or Spotify playlists.

Instead of listening to it, queue wise as you added them, the songs get shuffled and play randomly to surprise you.

This can also be a reason Spotify plays random songs instead of line wise incase you want to listen to your tracks in order.

Glitch/App issues

Spotify could also have certain bugs or glitches which could be causing such problems. Generally after updates,

apps seem to have certain glitches sometimes. Apart from this, you could also be logged in in too many devices which is causing issue for Spotify in syncing the devices.

How can you stop spotify from playing Random songs?

You can stop your Spotify from playing random songs by fixing the reasons previously mentioned. here’s a brief way to how to fix it-:

Turn off the Auto play Feature

Turn off the Autplay.

You can turn off the Spotify “Auto play” feature that enables its users to keep playing songs after their selection of songs gets played.

Follow the below steps for turning off “Auto play” feature on your Spotify app:-

  • Go to the settings of your Spotify app by tapping on the setting icon.
  • Scroll down and turn off the Auto play Feature.

This will turn the green knob of turned on to black turned off.

Turn off the Auto Shuffle

You can also switch off the Auto Shuffle option for when you want to listen to songs randomly from your own playlist or Spotify playlists.

This is a majorly common reason for Spotify to play random songs instead of line wise.

Just got to the media player and click on the green color long X that looks like crisscross arrows. This will turn off the Auto Shuffle feature.

Auto shuffle is disabled.

Glitch/App issues- Clear Cache

You should try to clear the cache of your Spotify app, Reinstall it, Re-login, Force stop and make sure to update spotify app.


How to turn off suggested tracks on Spotify?

Go to the queue option in the Spotify app in your media player, then clear the entire queue. If you have Autoplay on then, turn it off in your settings. This way Spotify won’t play similar songs.

Why is Spotify playing random songs when Autoplay is off?

This is quite a rare case, but if your Spotify has Autoplay off then, you might have to check the Autoplay settings in other logged in devices like Desktop app, web player or tablet. It might also happen if your playlist has too few songs. Generally Spotify will stop the playlist if Autoplay is off but in case of multiple synced devices, it can be problematic a bit.

Why does Spotify play a different song than what i clicked on?

It  might be the preloaded song you were listening to previously or accidently the song you liked on got skipped and Spotify is playing the next song due to the Auto play feature. This kind of thing happens when there is a glitch in the App. 

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