How to get a Spotify Student Discount without being a Student?

Spotify student premium plan is a discounted premium plan that is offered to students at discounted rates.

But if you are not an eligible student. You can avail of the benefits of Spotify student discount by asking your family member or friend who is enrolled in any accredited college or university but doesn’t want to access Spotify.

He/She will provide you with SheerID. You can use his SheerID to verify your enrollment status on Spotify.

In this way, you can enjoy the Spotify Student Discount plan for 4 years with every year’s recertification process through the SheerID of the same person.

Things you should know about Spotify student Discount

Those students who are enrolled at an accredited college or university can get the opportunity to access the premium plan benefits at half-price.

But they should be at least 18 years old to get the subscription of Spotify student premium plan.

But there’s a twist in this discounted plan. The twist is that the enrollment status of the student is verified with the help of a third-party service known as SheerID.

Furthermore, the student has to reverify his/her enrollment status every year through SheerID.

At the end of 12 months of the Spotify Student Premium subscription, the company Spotify wants to know whether the student is still enrolled at an accredited college/University or not.

If the student fails to re-verify identity, he will be disqualified from the Premium Student Plan and will be subscribed for the Premium Plan.

How to get a Spotify Student Discount without being a Student?

Hope that you have understood how you can get the Sheer ID to subscribe to the Spotify Student Premium Plan subscription without being a student.

Now, it’s time to understand how to apply for a Spotify Student Discount through another person’s SheerID.

Check the following details to enable its benefits to your account :

Spotify Student Premium
  • Start verifying your student enrollment status with Sheer ID.
  • Click on Next.
click on next
  • Provide the details in the application form i.e. country, name, educational institute, date of birth, email address, and mobile number.
spotify student form
  • Click on the checkbox to allow the use of the provided information for the verification process.
spotify student checkmark 1
  • Again, click on the option of Next.
click on next
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and then, click on submit.

After you sign up for the Premium Student Plan, you will receive an email from the third-party service SheerID to upload a document.

So, ask for a related document from your friend or family member. Check the following documents that you can upload to verify your Sheer ID:

  • An official enrollment letter from the educational institute or University
  • Class schedule for the ongoing academic session
  • Registration or tuition fee receipt
  • Transcript that can prove that classes are going on in the college.

Don’t forget to upload the required documents within 7 days from the date of receiving the email from the SheerID.


1. How to get Spotify student discount if you already have an account?

Even if you already have an account on Spotify, you can still apply for the Premium Student Plan. You have to navigate to Premium located at the bottom of the screen. Then, select Premium Student and apply for it.

2. Why is Spotify not giving me student discount?

Spotify will not give you the Student discount even if you have applied for it because you have not submitted the documents to verify your SheerID within the limited period of 7 days. Furthermore, it may be possible that you have not re-verified your SheerID at the end of 12 months.

3. Why does Spotify say I’m not a student?

Spotify says that you are not a student because the information that you have entered to verify your SheerID in the online application form does not match the records of SheerID.

4. How can I get verified by sheerID?

You need to upload documents to get verified by SheerID. you can upload up to 3 documents to verify your SheerID. You can submit documents like the enrollment letter from the academic institution, class schedule, fee receipt, or transcript that can verify that classes are going on.

5. Do students get free Spotify?

No, Spotify is not absolutely free for students. They can get it at discounted prices.

6. How does Spotify check if you’re a student?

Spotify works with the help of a third-party service known as SheerID to check whether you are a student or not. SheerID has a database of every student. Any incorrect information entered in the form is identified and the application procedure is rejected.

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